Permatex/Follow a Dream Team


position: founder/president/crew chief
hometown: Marstons Mills, Mass.
years in racing: 29
Jay is the leader of Follow A Dream and the only totally blind crew chief in all of auto racing worldwide. Along with performing a majority of the mechanical work on the race car, he’s responsible for the organization’s management, operations and community outreach programs. Jay’s passion for cars and racing extends to his youth, and he has 15 years of professional experience as a mechanic.


position: tuner
hometown: Newbury, Mass.
years in racing: 34
Tom makes all the tuning calls, analyzes data from every run, and collaborates with Jay on routine service. He tuned Paul Femino’s “Blue Chip” IHRA Funny Car and won a championship with Don Florence Motorsports. Tom also worked with Marc Rowe Race Cars and has served as a crew chief on super modifieds and off-shore racing boats. He runs T. Howell Lettering and holds a degree in graphic arts.


position: V.P., Follow A Dream
hometown: Danvers, Mass.
years in racing: 32
Jim, Jay’s big brother in more ways than one, also serves as vice president and treasurer of Follow A Dream. As a driver, he has multiple Top 10 finishes in the New England Dragway point series, and in 1993 he was awarded the prestigious Sportsman of the Year award by his fellow racers. Jim assists Jay with managing Follow A Dream and is a manager for Eastern Propane & Oil in Danvers, Mass.


position: transport driver
hometown: Cataumet, Mass.
years in racing: 51
Ed is the one guy on the team who could do anyone else’s job – drive the car, build it, tune it, or maintain it. Ed, who first raced in 1963, has campaigned numerous cars, the best known of which is the “Cape Codder” Alcohol Funny Car. Aside from transporting Jay’s operation to races and speaking engagements around the country, he services the car from one end to the other on the road.


position: bottom end technician
hometown: Marstons Mills, Mass.
years in racing: 10
Scott is responsible for the unglamorous but enormously important bottom-end work between rounds. He operates Wide Load Engineering, a custom automotive restoration and fabrication company that specializes in repair and research & development. Scott graduated with a degree in Welding Engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston and signed on with Follow A Dream in 2004.


position: machinist
hometown: Marstons Mills, Mass.
years in racing: 24
Alan is a versatile mechanic, which makes him the perfect person to jump in anywhere on the car between rounds. He’s competed in numerous regional events as a driver, and, as crew chief for his son’s Jr. Dragster, the “Cape Codder Jr.,” was invited to participate at the Jr. Dragster Nationals.


position: office manager
hometown: Osterville, Mass.
years in racing: 14
Terri brings many years of business experience to Follow A Dream, having worked in the corporate sector for most of her professional career. With a background in business administration/client services, Terri provides the support necessary to keep the organization’s office running smoothly.